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The Florida Injury Law Center is one of Fort Lauderdale’s best-known personal injury firms, and we represent clients in kinds of accident, injury, cruise ship injury claims and wrongful death. Our attorneys are well-known throughout the legal community for their incredible track records and top-tier service for our clients. The Boca Raton injury lawyers on our team have years of experience representing people who have sustained serious injuries in car accidents and other devastating events. Attorneys at our Law Center exclusively represent Plaintiffs in wrongful death and injury cases.

At The Florida Injury Law Center, each client is given the individual guidance and attention that they need to resolve problems and get a fair settlement. Our personal injury lawyers assist their clients in every phase of the injury claims or wrongful death process from initial investigations to appellate and trial proceedings. All of the partners within our firm handle each and every case. They represent people who have been in truck or car accidents, cruise ship accidents and that have sustained other catastrophic and severe injuries as the result of negligent third-parties. We have a very simple mission. We pride ourselves in finding the truth and then using this information to get justice for our clients in court.

We Have A Personal Injury Lawyer Who Can Help You

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Our Boca Raton, FL personal injury firm can help you learn more about your rights and the possible solutions for your case. Each of our attorneys has ample experience within the courtroom, and they are all trial lawyers. Our primary goal is to help each client get the justice he or she deserves. As a result, we will willingly bring your case to court and before a jury of your peers.

Every one of us knows that sustaining a serious injury in an accident or experiencing the unexpected loss of a loved one can be both life-altering and traumatic. It is our empathy and compassion that allows us to effectively help victims and their families.
Whether assisting people who have sustained injuries as the result of third-party recklessness or crime, we can help our clients overcome the resulting challenges.

Throughout your initial consultation, our team of lawyers will answer all of your questions and help you get a better understanding of the legal process. We will take the time to listen to your unique circumstances and assist you in learning more about the legal system. Just like insurance companies have their experienced teams of attorneys, you should have an injury lawyer as well. Before you start talking to adjusters about the details of your claim, you need to have a Boca Raton personal injury attorney by your side.

When taking legal action after a motorcycle crash or a truck or car accident that has resulted in serious injuries, you should remember that timeliness is always critical. So don’t wait to take further action; contact us right now.

You Don’t Pay Attorney Fees Unless We’re Able To Collect!

Each of the cases that we handle at The Florida Injury Law Center is a contingent fee. As a result, we don’t collect any payment until we’re able to collect yours. There are no upfront fees that you have to pay. We work hard to respond to all email inquiries and calls for all new cases within 24 hours or fewer.

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